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Collaboration and digitization of processes in Public Administration: Secoval’s experience with Interacta

From managing internal communication and support requests, to administration, Secoval trusted in Interacta to digitise the transformation processes of over 40 municipalities.

Goals achieved

Mission highlight

Secoval was looking for a way to centralise the digital transformation activities of over 40 municipalities: with over 35 constantly growing communities, a daily average of 200 requests and over 80 comments, it undoubtedly found its natural ally in Interacta.  

Incontriamo Secoval

For 20 years, Secoval's business team, made up primarily of young, highly motivated and proactive individuals, has led the way in terms of innovation and development. It is the fully-fledged technological and operational arm of many forward-looking municipalities in the North-East Brescia area.


The challenge

To manage the digital transformation activities of public bodies effectively

To manage the processes of more than 40 municipalities more efficiently, Secoval needed a tool that would allow for a more horizontal and cross-cutting management. But not only that. The tool would also need to support the personnel of the investee companies and municipalities in their day-to-day collaboration while giving new visibility to the data for more in-depth analytics. 

L’ambizione era quella di trovare una piattaforma facile da usare, anche da parte degli addetti comunali, e che potesse raccogliere in modo interattivo e coinvolgente tutte le attività di coordinamento tra le società del Gruppo. Senza tralasciare anche la necessità di avere un team di esperti sempre disponibili, sia nella fase di avvio del progetto, che come supporto continuativo nel tempo, volto a seguire la naturale evoluzione delle necessità della società.

Luca Belli, Digital Transformation Manager of the Investee companies of Comunità Montana Valle Sabbia, explains:

“We needed a system that would digitise internal processes and external processes towards municipalities, customers and associates. At the same time, the need had arisen to replace some of the software that we were using for various purposes, such as CRM, managing support tickets and issuing quotations, each with their own logic. We saw in Interacta a tool that would bring all these activities together on one platform.”



Increased collaboration on a single, accessible platform: through the communities created in Interacta, the different companies involved in the project can manage their internal communication, administration, projects and support requests in a collaborative fashion, simplifying the task management processes as a result.

Mai piu senza

What they will no longer do without

Prompt tracking of the task flow in the communities is a feature Secoval will no longer do without: “Before, it was hard to find out the progress status and who was in charge of the task. With Interacta, we completely eliminated the uncertainty of email and chat communications.”

Value for the business

Value for the business

The full automation of support requests from the municipalities resulted in a reduction of more than 50 calls a day to the Secoval switchboard. 

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