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Digital Work

Interacta is a unique, one-stop solution that enables a new way of working together.

The solution chosen by companies and loved by thousands

Engaging Intranet

The intranet that is much more than an intranet. Design and build the front door to your Digital Workplace yourself, the place where everyone can find what they need to work to the best of their ability while feeling part of the community. Give your people an extraordinary experience designed to boost engagement, well-being and productivity.

Process Management & Collaboration Hub

All your work in one place, with no endless email streams: manage processes, create, assign and automate tasks, collaborate and communicate with your team, collect data and keep everyone on the same page

Knowledge Center

Everything you need to preserve, share and naturally enhance company knowledge, the skills and experience of your people, and all your information, including unstructured data.

Always accessible,
wherever you are
and from any device

Connect, align and engage the people in your organisation, wherever they work and whatever device they’re using.

Interacta is also a Chat tool! Connect with your co-workers instantly with the messaging App, exchanging private or group messages. All as intuitive as you’d expect from Interacta.


The easy-to-use tool that takes no time to learn, for a faster, smarter way to work.


Interacta guarantees enterprise-level security standards and helps you prevent shadow IT, to protect your company’s valuable data and information.


Easy to integrate with all the tools you currently use within your company.