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Say goodbye to old intranets and hello to an integrated, engaging and collaborative experience where people can take part, get information, collaborate, find services and manage their work.

The solution chosen by companies and loved by thousands
Strengthen your culture and develop your internal communication

Engage all your people and strengthen the sense of belonging and community, from the very first login. Your messages reach everyone, in a targeted, personalised way.

Enjoy an extraordinary and engaging experience
Give your people an unforgettable experience with the Interacta Intranet specifically designed to engage and be the sole gateway to your corporate world.
Create an intranet that tells your story

Strengthen your culture, spread the word about what your organisation believes in and is committed to, share goals and celebrate wins.

Add value by fostering autonomy

Empower leaders to create home pages as required with ease, without the need for IT support. 

Create and edit content in a simple, intuitive fashion

Make the work of your internal communications staff and editors easier. You don’t need specific skills to create rich, multimedia content in Interacta, just your imagination.

Foster an inclusive culture

Through generative AI and artificial intelligence-powered content analysis, Interacta helps people use inclusive and mindful language.

Enjoy a multidevice experience with the Interacta App

A smooth user experience, always at your fingertips, even for those without a fixed workstation or company email address.

Discover a new way of
being and working together

Simplify communication, engage co-workers and access handy resources and links, all in one place.

Enable likes, comments, mentions and polls

Give people a familiar way to express their appreciation and share opinions.

Create social communities and share user-generated content

Create communities especially for your people, to engage them in company life, and encourage conversation and sharing across the board.

Get everyone connected using the People Directory

Help your people get to know each other with the People Directory, where you can find each individual’s skills and profile.

Chat instantly with co-workers

Communicate in real time with the people in your team, department or community wherever you are, with the Interacta Chat tool.

Gather all your links and handy resources together in one place and provide quick access to the services and tools your people need to do their best work.

Customise your people's experience

Every organisation is different and every person is unique. Interacta is designed to create customised intranets capable of crafting experiences that are just as unique as you.

Communicate your company's identity with the perfect layout
Customise the platform layout to the max to reflect your brand’s visual identity and build a sense of identity.
Give every team a customised experience from the very first login

Create one or more personalised home pages with relevant content for whichever teams, sites, departments and groups of people you like.

Use personalised notifications

Interacta allows you to personalise alerts so you can stay up-to-date with what matters to you, without losing focus.

Hola. Salut. Hello.

Break down language barriers: Interacta is available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Modern Greek, French and Italian. You can also translate the content of each post instantly into over 140 different languages.

Measure, track and make data-driven decisions with the Interacta dashboards

Find out how successful your content is, identity the most popular searches, highlight the most active contributors, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Find out which people are most engaged and discover the employee sentiment within your company
Get a clear view of the climate in the company with People Analytics, and identify what people need, who the internal influencers are, and the level of engagement.
Boost the performance of your content

Content analytics allows you not only to track performance, but also to take prompt action to optimise your intranet.

Communicate, collaborate, manage processes and share knowledge,
all on one platform
Process Management &
Collaboration Hub



The easy-to-use tool that takes no time to learn, for a faster, smarter way to work.


Interacta guarantees enterprise-level security standards and helps you prevent shadow IT, to protect your company’s valuable data and information.


Easy to integrate with all the tools you currently use within your company.