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Each interaction contains valuable information: gather and spread it to increase its value.

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Your company’s past records, always at hand

Gather information, documents and media together in one space. That way, everyone will always know where to find the information they need to work well.

Use smart tags to make things easier to find

Finding everything you need is child’s play with Interacta’s smart tags. Label your documents and posts in an intuitive way, for quick and easy searches every time.

Gain complete control over what you’re looking for with the Advanced Search feature. With AI, full-text search and customised filters, you can quickly find posts, documents and media, as well as relevant comments.

No more mix-ups between attached files

Archive, classify, assign a version to each file and view the history of changes and updates of each attachment.

Design your organization's knowledge accordingly

Organise and leverage information, feedback from the network and best practices. Leverage a key business asset: your organisation’s internal knowledge.

Create Wiki Communities

Create thematic communities where users can collaborate, discuss and enrich the company’s information assets with regard to specific topics.

Increase knowledge sharing

With the Forum and Q&A communities, everyone can find answers by directly drawing on the knowledge of co-workers. This way, one individual’s experience becomes shared knowledge.

Improve document management

With Interacta, everything is in one space: organised document management featuring smart tags, document versioning, and the management of drafting and approval processes.

Boost collective intelligence and drive Open Innovation

Everything you need to inspire and enhance collective intelligence: a group’s ability to solve any problem in the best possible way and to develop creative and innovative ideas.

Unleash your creativity with Idea Management Communities

Give your people a space where they can share original ideas and suggest ongoing improvements. Use Interacta’s social features to keep everyone engaged and look out for the best suggestions.

Engage your people and encourage innovation

Manage innovation processes and inspire the community with polls, gamification and ever-changing, engaging challenges.

Measure and improve knowledge dissemination

Discover the critical trends and best practices and chart the spread of skills within your organisation using the Knowledge Management Dashboards.

Keep track of the results of your Knowledge Management processes

Keep total control over the effectiveness of your knowledge management strategies, with intuitive and detailed dashboards and reporting.

Map and search for the skills of individuals

Identify individual skills and see how they fit into the wider organisational landscape with Open Badges.

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Interacta guarantees enterprise-level security standards and helps you prevent shadow IT, to protect your company’s valuable data and information.


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