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Manage processes while collaborating, and vice versa. Simply focus on achieving your goal. Interacta will take care of the rest.

The solution chosen by companies and loved by thousands

Create and manage visual, intuitive workflows without writing a single line of code

You no longer need to jump from one tool to another. Interacta brings together everything you need to design and manage your company’s workflows. Everyone will always know who has to do what.

Design workflows as you imagined them
Discover the intuitive, visual and no-code Workflow Designer, built to give you complete autonomy and flexibility.
Improve process management with Workflow Manager

Everything is based on the posts that people use to collaborate, exchange information and share files, so your teams can spend less time coordinating and more time performing tasks and meeting goals.

Simplify data entry

Insert custom, structured fields as you prefer, and magically structure unstructured data with the help of AI.

Keep everyone on the same page, step by step as you progress

Track all the relevant tasks of a process, allowing all actors to keep an eye on its progress at all times.

collaboration and boost your team's productivity

Organise work, make collaboration more effective and eliminate the time spent managing long email chains and meetings.

Foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas with Communities

Bring people together by creating thematic and operational communities to manage processes and projects, facilitate team collaboration, and share information and knowledge.

Make sure everything is just a post away

Posts naturally centralise information, attachments, interactions and data that are normally exchanged via chat and email, so people always have everything at their fingertips.

Take the stress out of your people’s work

In the “My Space” section, each person can find everything they need to save time and meet their goals: to-do lists, useful content, comments to reply to, and much more.

Boost your productivity with Operational Tasks

Tasks and subtasks, checklists and deadlines make managing and assigning tasks customisable and flexible.

Create tasks, monitor their execution and request feedback in an entirely visual way

Use Missions to share tasks to be performed with everyone. You can get direct visual feedback on their execution, approve them and request corrections.

Create customized dashboards and process reports

Make business decisions based on reliable, up-to-date data, while keeping sight of the big picture in terms of the work and progress of each task.

A 360-degree view of your business processes
Analyse specific KPIs, and monitor the status and progress of all processes in real time with Process Dashboards.
Everything you need to optimise work management

Enhance the operational management of your teams by tracking not only processes, but also the work of the people involved, to assess workloads and allocate the right resources when and where they’re needed.

Identify pain points and bottlenecks before they become problems

Get up-to-date insights into each process taking place in your company, and make truly data-driven decisions.

Communicate, collaborate, manage processes and share knowledge,
all on one platform




The easy-to-use tool that takes no time to learn, for a faster, smarter way to work.


Interacta guarantees enterprise-level security standards and helps you prevent shadow IT, to protect your company’s valuable data and information.


Easy to integrate with all the tools you currently use within your company.