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How INDN manages new customer acquisition with Interacta

Flexibility and customization beyond just CRM

Goals achieved

Mission highlight

Il Negozio del Noleggio (INDN) was looking for a tool to manage the business process: from the first contact with a potential buyer to the delivery of a car, and then obtain useful data for future action. Interacta made this and much more possible.

Il Negozio del Noleggio


Il Negozio del Noleggio is a commercial vehicle rental agency for short, medium and long periods of time, with services aimed at companies, freelancers and individuals. The company offers a large rental fleet consisting of cars, minibuses, vans, e-bikes and electric scooters to meet all mobility needs.


The challenge

Digitizing the customer acquisition and management process

The challenge of Il Negozio del Noleggio parte nel 2019, when they became aware of of the need for a tool that would bring profound digitization to the process of acquiring and managing business contacts: from their creation to the delivery of a means of transportation. 

Until then, in INDN, prospects were processed directly by the sales department and there was not enough time for thorough nurturing activities. Further consequence was the lack of data to understand what was working and what needed improvement. Thus, the process was not functional and needed to be revised

INDN decided to include a new department, in charge of contacting leads and setting appointments, and to acquire a tool to manage car sales processes.However, the first tool they chose was limited. In fact, it did not allow processes to be defined based on actual business needs. 

As Manuel Volta, CEO and Project Manager explained: 

"It is the application that must adapt to our processes and not vice versa."



Interacta revolutionized INDN's management by completely digitizing the lead acquisition and management process. The platform has granted INDN autonomy in managing processes and automating activities, ensuring efficient communication between people. In addition, the company now benefits from detailed analytics and valuable data to drive its business growth and strategy.

Mai piu senza

What they will no longer do without

It's a simple tool to manage processes and having data and awareness. There are so many tools today, but it is hard to find one that takes you from point A to point B. And allowing you to put A2 in the middle. “Interacta has provided the awareness that processes are easy to design and launch because we have a tool to do that.

Value for the business

Value for the business

Flexibility and the ability to customize flows according to specific needs. Processes distinguish one company from another and are an integral part of Brand Identity. "The tool may be the same, but the processes make one organization different from another. If a competitor of mine chooses Interacta tomorrow, we are comfortable because they will have their own processes and do things differently from us."

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