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Your Digital Work
Experience Platform

Communicate, collaborate, manage processes and share knowledge with Interacta, to boost your productivity and engage your people.
The solution chosen by companies and loved by thousands

91% of people who use Interacta feel more involved in company life

Motivated, happy and productive people who are always in the loop

  • Foster social relationships, collaboration, well-being and productivity
  • Share your values and initiatives with communications that reach everyone
  • Increase the sense of belonging and strengthen your company culture, with a new intranet
  • Enhance your Digital Workplace with artificial intelligence
Boost your teams’ productivity by 48% by eliminating organisational bottlenecks

Your Digital Work Experience for
more effective and collaborative process management.

  • Create workflows with ease and enjoy greater autonomy and flexibility with the no-code Workflow designer
  • Make your workflows clear, keep everyone on the same page, manage your progress with a click and automate tasks
  • Gather and organise all your workflow information so it’s always at your fingertips
  • Improve collaboration by doing away with pointless emails and unnecessary meetings
  • Use generative AI to boost your productivity and save precious time
Increase your performance by 27% with knowledge sharing

Collective intelligence that encourages
innovation, creativity, productivity and problem-solving skills

  • Gather and organise information, documents and media in one space
  • Find everything you need in an instant with AI-powered search
  • Convert individual knowledge, skills and experiences into a company asset
  • Gather and share feedback and best practices to increase knowledge
With Interacta, we've been able to consolidate all our information in a single tool, giving us the option to consult data instantly, and the all-important ability to track it. Our productivity has increased by 70%.
With Interacta, our reports are constantly updated in real time, and we can run a series of analyses that allow us to identify problems better and solve them more quickly.
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Communicate, collaborate, share knowledge e gestisci i processi, all on one platform
Interacta is your all-in-one Digital Work Experience Platform

Imagine having a Digital Workplace all in one tool, where your Intranet is more engaging, your Process Hub more efficient and your and your Knowledge Center more complete
This is Interacta: the gateway to your business world.

Engaging Intranet
The front door to your Digital Workplace, this tool allows you to work better and strengthen your company culture.
Collaboration & Process Hub
Use the Workflow Designer to design smooth workflows just as you imagined them, without a single line of code. Simply focus on achieving your goal. Interacta will take care of the rest.
Knowledge Center
Gather, disseminate and leverage knowledge across the board. Information, documents and media are accessible at all times in one space and are easy to find.