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How to standardise processes, centralise information and improve internal communication

Thanks to Interacta, ABF revolutionised and unified its operations across eight sites

Goals achieved

Mission highlight

ABF needed to standardise its processes across its organisation’s eight sites. With Interacta, it successfully centralized its information and communications and systematized process management in various areas.

In this story

  • The importance of internal communication
  • What exactly does Interacta do for ABF?
  • Process automation

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About ABF - Azienda Bergamasca Formazione

ABF (Azienda Bergamasca Formazione) is an independent body of the Province of Bergamo, accredited for vocational training and employment services. It disseminates and carries out lifelong training activities and satisfies the specific requirements of companies, organisations and individuals in the field of training, guidance, support for jobseekers and employment support. It operates throughout the province with eight sites, training over 2500 students every year.


The challenge

To improve communication in a company with multiple sites.

ABF’s first site was established in 1972. Azienda Bergamasca Formazione has expanded over the years, and now covers a large part of the province of Bergamo, with 8 sites. Each site was opened and has grown with its own characteristics and separate modus operandi and processes..

At a certain point, ABF needed to standardise its processes, in order to work systematically at all sites..

“There were times when one site was unaware of activities in progress at another site, or incomplete information was being circulated,” – said Silvia Spreafico, head of continuous training and lifelong learning at ABF. – “Now, at last, with Interacta we know about all the activities offered at the different sites, without having to find out about them on social media like outsiders.”

Although things worked at the individual sites, it was vital to adopt a modular structure in order to work systematically. This is where Interacta came into play, addressing the following requirements: to enable all ABF sites to work in the same way, by centralising information and knowledge, but also improving internal communication to share and convey best practices.

Danilo Caccia, head of communications at ABF, stated: “We also chose Interacta partly because it’s a tool capable of generating data and statistics, which allows us to answer questions about the number of courses we’ve offered, launched, etc. All data that we were often unable to retrieve using our internal management software alone.”


The solution

ABF - Education and Training

Unified internal communication across all sites

ABF’s project with Interacta consisted of several development stages. It began with the ticketing and internal communication aspect, before moving on to the management of processes for courses in the work area.

The very first step involved facilitating internal communication by creating the “People” community, where each person can read or share information about their job, but also entertain co-workers with a few fun facts.

Interacta was also the solution chosen to create a dedicated space for service communications, where the CEO or other figures can announce information about new entrants, forms, and other matters that people previously didn’t know where to place.

ABF then decided to focus on the ticketing system, which is useful for promptly reporting faults, but also for initiating activities that depend on other offices.

The ticketing system implemented on Interacta was fundamental for the communications department. The department is now notified immediately of any ongoing activities, enabling it to prepare external communications.

The ticketing system was also fundamental when it came to publishing new courses. As soon as a new course is approved, the communications team is automatically alerted and can publish it online.

“Before Interacta, this process often suffered hiccups or delays and we were unable to measure it. Now we close the process in less than a week,” said Danilo Caccia.

ABF dopo la terza media - offerta formativa

Standardising the sites’ processes and centralising information

After communication and ticketing, ABF tackled the wider issue of managing processes related to the work area. This area has been reorganised as a result of several regional reforms and ABF’s accreditation for employment services. The area went from having one or more workers dedicated to the matter at each site, to becoming a centralised service, appointing several figures to coordinate the whole area.

“Interacta was pivotal, as it enabled us to systematize the processes concerning the work area,” explained Silvia Spreafico. 

ABF’s work area consists of four sections in Interacta: people area, external requests, suggestions and area management.

An entire workflow was designed and developed in the latter three sections, starting from the receipt of an external request for a course, and ending with the reporting on the course once it is complete. In between is a whole series of steps regarding the management of the course.

“Around 85% of the instructors holding our courses refer to Interacta once a week. Our employees have got into a new routine: in the morning, we check our emails and we also open Interacta,” said Silvia. 



Streamlined processes and structured data always on hand

To date, 495 people in ABF’s team are active on Interacta. 

With regard to ticketing and communication, the results are impressive in terms of efficiency: staff always know the progress status of a fault report, and technicians aren’t inundated with emails that risk going astray.

The communications office has a complete overview of everything that’s going on at the various sites. And it has time to prepare all the necessary materials to inform users through the website and social media channels. 

There’s also plenty of enthusiasm in the work area, which has migrated all course-related processes into Interacta, giving them structure..

Once the workflows had been defined, they were linked to automatic tasks.This means that the platform doesn’t allow staff to move on to the next stage if the previous stages haven’t been completed. Managers therefore have an overall picture of the processes in progress and can track them to make sure that everything is proceeding as it should. And workers always have due dates and priorities at hand.

 “With Interacta, we started by looking at what our people were actually doing, before defining a complete workflow that supports workers in their daily activities,” said Silvia.

Managing courses in Interacta allows ABF to monitor parameters such as the number of students enrolled, progress of the courses or sales volume. It can then perform subsequent management control with ease. 

Interacta also offers an analytics section, where ABF can consult dashboards summarising and reprocessing all the data in the management software, which is integrated with Interacta.

This supplies useful metrics for developing future targeted marketing activities.

The dashboards also allowed ABF to have a structured map and a clear view of their 4000-plus partnerships, which resulted in a better understanding of market needs.

The future with Interacta

Just six months after its implementation, 50% of courses were already being managed on Interacta, for a total of more than 2200 participants.

“We succeeded in transferring all our training courses at all our sites onto the platform in the second half of the year,” said Danilo. 

ABF is in the process of defining a series of tasks to be automated for the other domains related to the work area (extracurricular internships, funded schemes, and more). It aims to manage everything with Interact by the end of 2023.

At ABF there is also a desire to extend the use of the platform in the future to all other sections of the organisation, such as accounting or human resources. 

“Many of our processes involve various areas, and having everything inside one tool is essential for us,” concluded Silvia. 



With Interacta, ABF transformed communication and management across its eight sites, resulting in clarity, efficiency, and data-driven decisions.

Why Interacta is here to stay

It’s a tool that helps you understand where you are in the process, in part thanks to the automated tasks. It also allows for the correct management of information over time,without losing anything along the way.

Value for the business

The time and energy it saves teams. ABF can now find information on everything its co-workers are doing at its eight sites, all in one place and in real time.

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